Yakka Dee “e” S7E5 22 September 2023 on CBeebies

Tonight (Friday 22 September 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Yakka Dee!

e Season 7 Episode 5 Episode Summary

Dee, the friendly and encouraging host, takes a friend on a journey focused on the sound ‘e.’

As the episode unfolds, Dee and their friend embark on a captivating adventure, exploring the world of words and sounds associated with ‘e.’ Along the way, they encounter a variety of intriguing items and concepts that feature this particular sound.

Expect to see eggs, elbows, and even mischievous elves as they journey through the world of ‘e.’ The adventure takes an exciting turn when they come across exercising elephants, adding an element of fun and surprise to the episode.

What Time is the “e” Episode On?

The e episode of Yakka Dee will be broadcast on September 22 2023 on CBeebies at 9:10 AM.

Is the “e” Episode New?

The e episode of Yakka Dee is all new!

Yakka Dee e Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Saanvi Patel as Dee

e Episode Videos & Previews

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Yakka Dee Series Information

Dee, an animated character, helps children learn how to pronounce different words through song, dance and entertaining visualisations.

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