Carnival Eats “Churro Dark Thirty” S11E11 September 24 2023 on Cooking Channel

Tonight (Sunday September 24 2023), Cooking Channel broadcasts an episode of the series Carnival Eats!

Churro Dark Thirty Season 11 Episode 11 Episode Summary

Cooking Channel invites viewers to join host Noah Cappe on a delectable adventure as he explores the delicious and sometimes outrageous snacks at various fairs and festivals.

This time, Noah sets his sights on the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey, where he dives into an array of mouthwatering treats. The episode features highlights like the Big Dill Stick, a savory snack with a tangy twist, and the Cheeseburger Mofongo, a unique fusion of flavors that’s sure to tantalize taste buds. And for those with a sweet tooth, there’s the irresistible Bacon Chocolate Churro that’s bound to satisfy cravings.

But the culinary journey doesn’t stop there. Noah continues his exploration as he ventures to RiverRink Fest in Philadelphia, where he indulges in a surf and turf delight that promises to be a seafood lover’s dream.

And in medieval Oklahoma, Noah discovers a delightful twist on a classic favorite: Pizza Dippers. These imaginative and mouthwatering creations are sure to make an impression.

What Time is the “Churro Dark Thirty” Episode On?

The Churro Dark Thirty episode of Carnival Eats will be broadcast on September 24 2023 on Cooking Channel at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Churro Dark Thirty” Episode New?

The Churro Dark Thirty episode of Carnival Eats is all new!

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Carnival Eats Series Information

There's lots to do at a carnival: playing the games, riding the rides, delighting in the noise and the neon. But for some, the best part of a carnival is the food, some of it unique to that milieu. "Carnival Eats" targets the culinary creations linked to American fairgrounds. Calorie-loaded offerings include rattlesnake, frog legs, or okra -- all deep-fried -- and a decadent sundae of eight doughnuts topped with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel, and don't forget the cherry! Host Noah Cappe, a novice cook, tries his hand at making some of the items.

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