James Martin’s Spanish Adventure “Valencia” S1E18 27 September 2023 on ITV

Tonight (Wednesday 27 September 2023), ITV broadcasts an episode of the series James Martin’s Spanish Adventure!

Valencia Season 1 Episode 18 Episode Summary

First on the agenda is a visit to a picturesque rice farm in Valencia. James explores the heart of Spain’s rice-growing region, where he learns about the cultivation of this essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine. As always, James brings his trademark enthusiasm for food to every step of the journey.

Next, James indulges in a bit of nostalgia as he reminisces at one of his favorite tapas bars in Valencia. It’s a chance to savor the flavors of Spain and appreciate the rich culinary traditions that have inspired his own cooking.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. James embarks on an exciting fishing trip, where he tries his hand at catching blue fin tuna. It’s a thrilling experience that allows him to connect with the sea and its bountiful offerings.

For those unfamiliar with Spanish delights, James introduces viewers to horchata, a traditional and refreshing Spanish beverage. He delves into its history and demonstrates how it’s made, giving viewers a taste of the local culture.

And of course, it wouldn’t be “James Martin’s Spanish Adventure” without some cooking. On this episode, James prepares a delectable lineup of dishes that showcase the best of Valencia’s cuisine. From arroz negro (black rice) to plankton squid and mussel soup with chickpeas, each dish is a testament to the culinary diversity and creativity of the region.

To add to the excitement, James takes to the water to prepare his dishes on a boat, infusing them with the essence of the sea. It’s a unique and picturesque cooking experience that promises to leave viewers hungry for more.

What Time is the “Valencia” Episode On?

The Valencia episode of James Martin’s Spanish Adventure will be broadcast on September 27 2023 on ITV at 2:00 PM.

Is the “Valencia” Episode New?

The Valencia episode of James Martin’s Spanish Adventure is all new!

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James Martin’s Spanish Adventure Series Information

James Martin is back travelling and exploring local cuisines, this time in Spain, a country rich in culinary history and culture. James travels across the breadth of Spain, from Extramadura to San Sebastian, discovering the country's diverse regions through food.

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