Fully Torqued “Mustang’s Gone Wild” S3E3 September 30 2023 on History

Tonight (Saturday September 30 2023), History broadcasts an episode of the series Fully Torqued!

Mustang’s Gone Wild Season 3 Episode 3 Episode Summary

Host Steve finds himself with multiple Mustangs on his hands, and each one comes with its own unique story and challenges. NFL linebacker Eric Kendricks, known for his prowess on the field, needs some work done on his Fox Body Mustang. Steve is eager to lend his expertise and get this classic back into top shape.

In a twist of camaraderie and friendship, Steve decides to help out a buddy by selling his tricked-out Shelby GT500. The Shelby GT500 is a legendary muscle car, and viewers can expect to see it in all its high-performance glory as Steve showcases it to potential buyers.

However, no automotive adventure is without its hurdles. Steve and his friend Joe encounter a problem while working on a ’64 Mustang, adding an unexpected twist to their journey. It’s a reminder that even the most experienced car enthusiasts can face challenges, and it’s how they overcome them that makes the journey so exciting.

What Time is the “Mustang’s Gone Wild” Episode On?

The Mustang’s Gone Wild episode of Fully Torqued will be broadcast on September 30 2023 on History at 11:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Mustang’s Gone Wild” Episode New?

The Mustang’s Gone Wild episode of Fully Torqued is all new!

Fully Torqued Mustang’s Gone Wild Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Steve Pazmany

Mustang’s Gone Wild Episode Videos & Previews

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Fully Torqued Series Information

Steve Pazmany works to create a one-of-a-kind hot rod shop, focused on delivering automotive dreams to an ever-expanding client list of Hollywood moguls, celebrities and everyday car lovers.

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