Storyville 3 October 2023 on BBC Four

Tonight (Tuesday 3 October 2023), BBC Four broadcasts an episode of the series Storyville!

Episode Summary

This episode sheds light on the city’s complex dynamics, particularly in the face of rising knife violence.

At the heart of the episode is Mac, a dedicated social activist who takes it upon himself to make a positive change in the lives of London’s youth. In response to the growing threat of violence, Mac initiates BikeStormz, a movement aimed at providing young people across the city with an alternative outlet for self-expression.

BikeStormz is a phenomenon that sees a torrent of young individuals, riding on their bicycles, sweeping through the streets of London. It’s a thrilling spectacle as they engage in a mesmerizing display of wheelies, tricks, and death-defying acrobatics. However, beneath the surface, it’s also a powerful symbol of resilience and unity.

As these young riders come together through BikeStormz, they find a unique and empowering way to express themselves beyond the looming threat of violence.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Storyville will be broadcast on October 3 2023 on BBC Four at 10:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Storyville is all new!

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An international documentary strand that comprises 20 contemporary and challenging documentaries from different filmmakers gathered from across the globe.

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