48 Hours “The Betrayal of Linda Slaten” 9PM Encore September 30 2023 Recap & Preview

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On September 4, 1981, Jeff and Tim Slaten, aged 15 and 12 respectively, were awakened by Lakeland, Florida, police with the devastating news that their mother, Linda Slaten, had been brutally murdered. The case shocked their family, the community, and went unsolved for decades. Investigators at the time collected a rape kit and discovered a palm print on the windowsill through which the killer had entered Linda’s home. Despite questioning numerous suspects, no one was charged, and the case eventually went cold.

Before and after Linda Slaten’s murder, Tim Slaten had a close relationship with his football coach, Joe Mills, who regularly provided transportation to and from football practice. Coach Joe became a significant figure in Tim’s life, and Tim proudly displayed a team photo in his room where Coach Joe stood right behind him.

However, nearly 40 years after Linda Slaten’s murder, advancements in DNA technology and the preservation of crucial evidence, including a rape kit, led to a major breakthrough in the case. It was revealed that Joe Mills, Tim Slaten’s former football coach and mentor, was the likely killer of Linda Slaten.

In a 48 HOURS episode titled “The Betrayal of Linda Slaten,” viewers will learn how detectives, along with the assistance of a DNA genealogist, finally managed to apprehend Joe Mills. This revelation was especially shocking for Tim Slaten, who had looked up to Coach Joe for years without knowing the truth.

Tim Slaten expressed his disbelief, saying, “I looked up to this guy [Joe Mills]. And I had a picture in my house ever since then, and never knew it was him.” His brother, Jeff Slaten, referred to Joe Mills as a “coldhearted monster.”

The episode delves into the intricate details of this long-unsolved murder case, including the use of DNA evidence and genealogy to bring Linda Slaten’s likely killer to justice.

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