48 Hours “The Brighton Ax Murder” September 8 2023 Recap & Preview

48 HOURS presents an encore presentation of “The Brighton Ax Murder” airing on Friday, September 8, at 10:17 PM ET.

In the annals of true crime, few cases have lingered in the shadows for as long as the Brighton Ax Murder. For over four decades, the brutal slaying of Cathy Krauseneck remained an enigma, a chilling riddle that defied resolution. But now, the silence is finally breaking.

In 1982, the world was shocked by the horrifying discovery made by Jim Krauseneck, Cathy’s husband. He claimed to have found her lifeless body in their bed, a gruesome crime scene with an ax lodged in her head. Thus, the Brighton Ax Murder case was born – one of the oldest and most perplexing murder mysteries in the nation’s history.

This cold case remained dormant, shrouded in mystery until 2019, when authorities in Monroe County, New York, made a significant decision. They brought in renowned forensic pathologist Michael Baden to reopen the investigation. What he uncovered was both shocking and unsettling.

Baden’s analysis led to a startling revelation. He believed that Cathy Krauseneck met her tragic end around 3:30 AM, a crucial detail that pointed to her husband Jim Krauseneck as a prime suspect. If she indeed perished at that time, it would mean Jim was at home when the murder occurred.

The consequences of this revelation were profound. Jim Krauseneck was charged, tried, and ultimately convicted of Cathy’s murder. But a cloud of doubt still looms. Jim, along with his steadfast wife Sharon and their legal team, has adamantly maintained his innocence.

48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty takes you on a journey into this case, shedding light on the strange clues that have baffled investigators for decades. Join CBS on Friday, September 8, at 10:17 PM ET, as they dive deep into “The Brighton Ax Murder.”

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