60 Minutes CBS “CARE Court, Bankrolling the War, Hanging On” September 24 2023

60 Minutes CBS

This Sunday September 24 2023, CBS broadcasts a brand new episode of “60 Minutes“.

CARE Court

Cecilia Vega takes us to California to shed light on Governor Gavin Newsom’s groundbreaking initiative, the CARE Court. This innovative strategy aims to revolutionize the state’s approach to addressing homelessness and severe mental illness by implementing court-ordered treatment plans. In an exclusive interview, Vega discusses the passion behind this project with Governor Newsom. She investigates the shortcomings of the current system that CARE Court hopes to rectify and delves into the controversies surrounding it. Producer Natalie Jimenez Peel ensures we get an in-depth look at this transformative endeavor.

Bankrolling the War

As Congress debates providing another $20 billion in aid to Ukraine, “60 Minutes” takes us on a journey to track the weapons and financial support the United States has contributed to Ukraine since Russia’s military invasion. Holly Williams reports from Ukraine, offering insights into the impact and oversight of U.S. tax dollars in the country’s struggle for survival. Producer Erin Lyall uncovers the intricacies of this vital assistance.

Hanging On

In a captivating segment, “60 Minutes” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi whisks us away to Costa Rica to explore the fascinating world of sloths. These seemingly slow creatures have perfected the art of survival for over 60 million years. Alfonsi examines how they’ve adapted and thrived throughout history and investigates the new threats posed by climate change. With Guy Campanile as the producer, we get a unique glimpse into the lives of these remarkable creatures and the challenges they face in our changing world.

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