Krapopolis “Prometheus” S1E4 October 8 2023 on FOX

Tonight (Sunday October 8 2023), FOX broadcasts an episode of the series Krapopolis!

Prometheus Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In “Prometheus,” two of the show’s central characters, Tyrannis and Hippocampus, decide to take matters into their own hands. They release Prometheus, the titan who famously stole fire from the gods and was sentenced to eternity on a rock as punishment. However, what they didn’t expect is that Prometheus has an unexpected friendship with another character, Deliria, adding a layer of complexity to the storyline.

Meanwhile, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Shlub and Stupendous embark on a journey to the cyclopes island, where they hope to uncover the whereabouts of Stupendous’s missing father.

What Time is the “Prometheus” Episode On?

The Prometheus episode of Krapopolis will be broadcast on October 8 2023 on FOX at 8:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Prometheus” Episode New?

The Prometheus episode of Krapopolis is all new!

Krapopolis Prometheus Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Richard Ayoade as Tyrannis
Matt Berry as Shlub
Hannah Waddingham as Deliria
Pam Murphy as Stupendous
Duncan Trussell as Hippocampus

Prometheus Episode Videos & Previews

Watch Krapopolis Prometheus Online

Krapopolis Series Information

Set in mythical Ancient Greece, the series centers on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world's first cities without killing each other. Tyrannis, the mortal son of a goddess, is the benevolent king of Krapopolis and is trying to survive in a city that lives up to its name. Deliria is Tyrannis' mother, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices. Within her extended Olympian family -- forged in patricide and infidelity -- she's known as the trashy one. Shlub, Tyrannis' father, is oversexed and underemployed and claims to be an artist and has literally never paid for anything, in any sense of the word, for his entire life. Stupendous is Tyrannis' half-sister, daughter of Deliria and a cyclops. Hippocampus is Tyrannis' half-brother, the offspring of Shlub and a mermaid, and, obviously, a hot mess, biologically speaking.

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