SurrealEstate “Truth in Advertising” S2E2 October 11 2023 on Syfy

Tonight (Wednesday October 11 2023), Syfy broadcasts an episode of the series SurrealEstate!

Truth in Advertising Season 2 Episode 2 Episode Summary

In this installment, viewers will follow Luke and Susan, the dedicated real estate agents of The Roman Agency, as they delve into two distinct and mystifying cases.

Luke finds himself facing a unique challenge as he deals with a film crew that has descended upon a client’s property. Their presence adds a layer of complexity to an already unusual situation, and Luke must navigate the demands and eccentricities of the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Susan embarks on an investigation of her own, exploring the mysteries surrounding a peculiar seaside bed and breakfast. As she delves deeper into the secrets hidden within the B&B’s walls, she uncovers a web of enigmas that defy explanation.

What Time is the “Truth in Advertising” Episode On?

The Truth in Advertising episode of SurrealEstate will be broadcast on October 11 2023 on Syfy at 10:03 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Truth in Advertising” Episode New?

The Truth in Advertising episode of SurrealEstate is all new!

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SurrealEstate Series Information

Real estate agent Luke Roman is the owner of The Roman Agency, a boutique residential real estate brokerage specializing in "metaphysically engaged" properties, also known as haunted houses. Luke has a special connection to the spiritual realm; he can not only sense the presence that might inhabit a client's house, he can often communicate and negotiate with it. Along with his team, Luke takes on the houses nobody else can or will.

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