Tenable “The NFL Raisers” S7E18 11 October 2023 on ITV

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Tonight (Wednesday 11 October 2023), ITV broadcasts an episode of the series Tenable!

The NFL Raisers Season 7 Episode 18 Episode Summary

In this episode, a team of five passionate American football fans steps up to take on the Tenable Tower, hosted by the charming Warwick Davis.

The challenge is simple yet exhilarating: the team must answer a series of Top 10 list questions. As they work together to tackle these brain-teasers, they’re aiming for the ultimate prize – a whopping £125,000.

With their knowledge of American football and determination to succeed, this team of enthusiasts is all set to put their trivia skills to the test. “Tenable” is known for its engaging and suspenseful format, and this episode promises to deliver high-stakes excitement as the team climbs the Tenable Tower.

What Time is the “The NFL Raisers” Episode On?

The The NFL Raisers episode of Tenable will be broadcast on October 11 2023 on ITV at 3:00 PM.

Is the “The NFL Raisers” Episode New?

The The NFL Raisers episode of Tenable is all new!

Tenable The NFL Raisers Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Warwick Davis

The NFL Raisers Episode Videos & Previews

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Tenable Series Information

Daily quiz show where teams are made up of five contestants. They can be friends, family members or colleagues. Each round sees one player attempt to complete a top ten list of answers based on various general knowledge topics.

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