No Demo Reno “Vegas Luxe” S3E6 October 12 2023 on HGTV

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Tonight (Thursday October 12 2023), HGTV broadcasts an episode of the series No Demo Reno!

Vegas Luxe Season 3 Episode 6 Episode Summary

A family had embarked on their own home renovations but found themselves overwhelmed as their busy lives took precedence. Now, the skilled renovator Jenn steps in to rescue the situation. She takes charge, picking up where they left off, and sets out to complete their unfinished projects.

One of the key focuses of this episode is turning their dream of a luxury Vegas bathroom into a reality. Jenn combines her design prowess with a love for coastal aesthetics, promising a unique and stylish result.

Viewers can anticipate witnessing the remarkable journey as Jenn navigates the challenges and delivers a beautiful, finished space that reflects both the family’s aspirations and her own creative touch.

What Time is the “Vegas Luxe” Episode On?

The Vegas Luxe episode of No Demo Reno will be broadcast on October 12 2023 on HGTV at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Vegas Luxe” Episode New?

The Vegas Luxe episode of No Demo Reno is all new!

No Demo Reno Vegas Luxe Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Jenn Todryk

Vegas Luxe Episode Videos & Previews

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No Demo Reno Series Information

Social media celebrity Jenn Todryk creates beautiful home renovations without massive demolition.

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