Rip-Off Britain “Live” S2023: 17 October 2023 on BBC One

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Tonight (Tuesday 17 October 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Rip-Off Britain!

Live Season 2023: Episode Summary

One of the main topics to be covered is how to make loan and mortgage payments more manageable. The show will provide viewers with practical tips and solutions to ease the financial burden, which is something many people can relate to.

But that’s not all; “Rip-Off Britain” will also shed light on a concerning issue involving e-bike batteries that could potentially pose a fire risk. Viewers will learn about safety measures and precautions to ensure their e-bikes are secure.

Additionally, the episode will discuss new guidelines that could encourage companies to adopt the age-old saying, “the customer is always right.” This means companies may have to prioritize customer satisfaction and service, making it a win-win for consumers.

And if you’ve got any lingering questions or issues, don’t worry! The show will have its advice clinic, where more of your problems will be solved with expert insights and guidance.

What Time is the “Live” Episode On?

The Live episode of Rip-Off Britain will be broadcast on October 17 2023 on BBC One at 9:15 AM.

Is the “Live” Episode New?

The Live episode of Rip-Off Britain is all new!

Rip-Off Britain Live Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Julia Somerville
Gloria Hunniford
Angela Rippon
Jennie Bond

Live Episode Videos & Previews

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Rip-Off Britain Series Information

The Rip Off Britain team is ready to tackle the issues that most matter to you - from bills and bad customer service, to holidays and food.

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