The Story of Earth Day “Earth Day and Beyond” S1E3 28 October 2023 on EarthxTV

Tonight (Saturday 28 October 2023), EarthxTV broadcasts an episode of the series The Story of Earth Day!

Earth Day and Beyond Season 1 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this special episode, viewers will be taken through the historical events and significant figures that paved the way for the very first Earth Day, and beyond.

This true story sheds light on the important milestones and the dedicated individuals who played pivotal roles in the birth of Earth Day. It’s an opportunity to understand the origins of this crucial day dedicated to our planet and the ongoing efforts to protect it.

What Time is the “Earth Day and Beyond” Episode On?

The Earth Day and Beyond episode of The Story of Earth Day will be broadcast on October 28 2023 on EarthxTV at 4:15 PM.

Is the “Earth Day and Beyond” Episode New?

The Earth Day and Beyond episode of The Story of Earth Day is all new!

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