Abandoned Engineering “Italian Turf War” S12E2 30 October 2023 on Yesterday

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Tonight (Monday 30 October 2023), Yesterday broadcasts an episode of the series Abandoned Engineering!

Italian Turf War Season 12 Episode 2 Episode Summary

Prepare for an intriguing journey through the remnants of once-great engineering projects in this episode of “Abandoned Engineering” on Yesterday. This thought-provoking documentary series delves into the fascinating history of remarkable constructions that now stand abandoned.

In “Italian Turf War,” viewers will be transported to Italy, where the remnants of an engineering project reveal a complex and captivating story. The episode uncovers the secrets behind a grand project that once held promise but now remains a silent witness to the passage of time.

“Abandoned Engineering” is a series that sheds light on the ambition, innovation, and occasional setbacks that are part of the engineering world. It offers viewers a chance to explore the hidden histories of structures that have been left to the elements.

What Time is the “Italian Turf War” Episode On?

The Italian Turf War episode of Abandoned Engineering will be broadcast on October 30 2023 on Yesterday at 9:00 PM.

Is the “Italian Turf War” Episode New?

The Italian Turf War episode of Abandoned Engineering is all new!

Abandoned Engineering Italian Turf War Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Tom Ward
Rob Bell
Lynette Nusbacher
Andrew Gough
Claire Barratt
Dominic Selwood

Italian Turf War Episode Videos & Previews

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Abandoned Engineering Series Information

Research into why and how large projects were built, the financial and social costs of their failure, and the consequences for the environment. Experts present plans to make something new from the ruins.

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