Well Versed “Disagreements” S1E4 November 1 2023 on Nick Jr

Tonight (Wednesday November 1 2023), Nick Jr broadcasts an episode of the series Well Versed!

Disagreements Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Well Versed” titled “Disagreements,” young viewers will join Ava and Johnny as they navigate a common aspect of growing up—disagreements. Airing on Nick Jr., this episode offers valuable lessons in handling differences of opinion.

When Ava and Johnny find themselves in a disagreement, Ava steps in as a helpful guide. She shares her own strategies for staying calm when things start to get heated. With patience and wisdom, she shows Johnny how to manage strong emotions and find common ground.

This episode is a gentle and educational exploration of conflict resolution for kids. It emphasizes the importance of staying calm and finding peaceful solutions when disagreements arise, fostering emotional intelligence and effective communication skills.

What Time is the “Disagreements” Episode On?

The Disagreements episode of Well Versed will be broadcast on November 1 2023 on Nick Jr at 3:19 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Disagreements” Episode New?

The Disagreements episode of Well Versed is all new!

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