Well Versed “Rules” S1E1 November 1 2023 on Nickelodeon

Tonight (Wednesday November 1 2023), Nickelodeon broadcasts an episode of the series Well Versed!

Rules Season 1 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Well Versed” titled “Rules,” young Ava takes on the role of an important teacher as she walks to school with her friend Johnny. In this enlightening journey, Ava shares why rules are essential for keeping everyone safe.

As they make their way to school, Ava engages Johnny in a conversation that explores the significance of rules. She illustrates how rules are like the invisible guardians that protect us from harm and guide us in our daily lives.

This heartwarming episode highlights the value of understanding and respecting the rules that govern our world, from road safety to classroom etiquette. Through Ava’s wise and simple explanations, viewers are reminded of the importance of following rules for the greater good.

What Time is the “Rules” Episode On?

The Rules episode of Well Versed will be broadcast on November 1 2023 on Nickelodeon at 7:19 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Rules” Episode New?

The Rules episode of Well Versed is all new!

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