Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales “The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing” S1E27 7 November 2023 on CBeebies

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Tonight (Tuesday 7 November 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales!

The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing Season 1 Episode 27 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales” on CBeebies, young viewers are in for an educational and adventurous experience. The episode revolves around the discovery of a peculiar and funny-shaped metal object, which sparks the curiosity of the dynamic duo, Fred and Pete.

As they delve into the mystery of the metal find, the episode takes an exciting turn. Fred and Pete embark on a journey to learn about the various roles and occupations of people in a castle. This engaging exploration provides an insightful look into the history and daily life of those who lived in these grand structures.

Additionally, the episode offers a delightful twist as Fred and Pete make new feathery friends while trying their hand at the art of falconry. This hands-on experience brings a touch of adventure and adds a special charm to their treasure-seeking quest.

What Time is the “The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing” Episode On?

The The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing episode of Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales will be broadcast on November 7 2023 on CBeebies at 4:55 PM.

Is the “The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing” Episode New?

The The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing episode of Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales is all new!

Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales The Funny-Shaped Metal Thing Cast & Stars

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Fred & Pete’s Treasure Tales Series Information

It's not every day that you dig up an old wooden chest on the beach, even if you're super treasure hunters like Fred and Pete. When they open the chest, the boys are surprised to find an old sheet with a funny picture of a skeleton on it.

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