Final Jeopardy 11/9/23 (American Authors) & Who Won Thursday November 9 2023

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Today’s Final Jeopardy 11/9/2023 (American Authors) – Thursday, November 9 2023

In 1950 the Swedish academy said this Nobel Prize winner “is a regional writer” but called “his regionalism universal”

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer – Thursday, November 9 2023

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: William Faulkner

Final Jeopardy Explanation – Thursday, November 9 2023

In 1950, the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature to William Faulkner, describing him as a “essentially a regional writer” and that “he mourns for and, as a writer, exaggerates a way of life which he himself, with his sense of justice and humanity, would never be able to stomach. It is this that makes his regionalism universal.”

William Faulkner, an American author, is best known for his works set in the American South, particularly in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County, which was based on and inspired by the region of Mississippi where he lived.

His exploration of universal themes such as the human condition, moral dilemmas, and the deeply complex nature of societal and familial relationships garnered wide acclaim.

This combination of detailed regional depiction with themes of broader human relevance is what the Swedish Academy recognized as making Faulkner’s “regionalism universal.” His works, including novels like “The Sound and the Fury,” “As I Lay Dying,” and “Absalom, Absalom!,” remain influential in both American literature and the wider literary world.

Today’s Jeopardy! Contestants – Thursday, November 9 2023

Charlie FonvilleCharlie Fonville is a Producer from Los Angeles, California.
Jen JazwinskiJen Jazwinski is a Youth Services Librarian from Algonquin, Illinois.
Matt TakimotoMatt Takimoto is an Elementary School Teacher from Moraga, California.

Contestant Image Credit: Jeopardy Website

Today’s Results & Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight – Thursday, November 9 2023

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Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Charlie Fonville
Los Angeles, California

Final Score: $16,200
Round 2 Score: $8,100
Round 1 Score: $3,800
Jen Jazwinski
Algonquin, Illinois
Youth Services Librarian

Winning Score: $30,800
Round 2 Score: $15,400
Round 1 Score: $7,000
Matt Takimoto
Moraga, California
Elementary School Teacher

Final Score: $0
Round 2 Score: $15,400
Round 1 Score: $4,600

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