Defenders of the Wild “Ground Hornbill” S3E5 15 November 2023 on EarthxTV

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Tonight (Wednesday 15 November 2023), EarthxTV broadcasts an episode of the series Defenders of the Wild!

Ground Hornbill Season 3 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Defenders of the Wild” on EarthxTV, viewers are in for an enlightening journey into the world of wildlife conservation. Conservationist Ivan Carter takes center stage as he embarks on a mission to find sustainable solutions that will help create a balanced ecosystem for wildlife.

Accompanied by a team of experts, Carter sheds light on the remarkable conservation efforts taking place on a global scale. Together, they aim to spotlight the inspiring work being done to protect and preserve the world’s diverse and endangered wildlife.

Audiences can expect to be educated and inspired by the dedication and passion of those who have devoted their lives to safeguarding the planet’s natural treasures. The episode provides a unique opportunity to learn about the challenges and triumphs in the realm of wildlife conservation.

What Time is the “Ground Hornbill” Episode On?

The Ground Hornbill episode of Defenders of the Wild will be broadcast on November 15 2023 on EarthxTV at 10:00 PM.

Is the “Ground Hornbill” Episode New?

The Ground Hornbill episode of Defenders of the Wild is all new!

Defenders of the Wild Ground Hornbill Cast & Stars

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Defenders of the Wild Series Information

Conservationist Ivan Carter seeks solutions to create a balanced wildlife ecosystem; experts join Carter to spotlight the conservation efforts happening worldwide.

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