Kennedy “Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956)” S1E3 November 18 2023 on History

Tonight (Saturday November 18 2023), History broadcasts an episode of the series Kennedy!

Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956) Season 1 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Kennedy” on History, titled “Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956),” viewers are taken on a compelling journey as Jack Kennedy returns home after his service in the Second World War. This installment marks the beginning of Kennedy’s foray into the challenging world of politics, where he sets his sights on a seat in the House of Representatives in Massachusetts.

“Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956)” provides an intimate look at Kennedy’s transition from military life to the intricate landscape of American politics. As he embarks on this new chapter, the episode captures the essence of Kennedy’s political ambitions, showcasing the early stages of a career that would ultimately shape the course of American history.

Expect to witness the challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments that define Kennedy’s initial steps into the political arena. The episode offers a nuanced exploration of his journey, shedding light on the strategies, ideals, and alliances that played a role in shaping Kennedy as a political figure.

What Time is the “Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956)” Episode On?

The Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956) episode of Kennedy will be broadcast on November 18 2023 on History at 10:03 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956)” Episode New?

The Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956) episode of Kennedy is all new!

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Kennedy Series Information

The HISTORY® Channel continues to amplify its robust line-up of compelling presidential programming with the addition of “Kennedy,” the new eight-part docuseries from director and composer Ashton Gleckman, Gleckman’s production company Blackbird Pictures and Academy Award®-winning production company RadicalMedia. Narrated by Emmy Award®-winner Peter Coyote, the 3-night event chronicles the remarkable life, enduring legacy, and ambitious leadership of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. The story unfolds through a cinematic library of archival materials and over 70 new interviews from those well-versed in JFK’s history including his niece Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, comedian and long-time member of the JFK Library Foundation's Board of Directors Conan O’Brien, actor Bruce Greenwood who previously portrayed Kennedy in film, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eileen McNamara.

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