Homestead Rescue “Where the Wild Wind Blows” S11E1 November 19 2023 on Discovery

Tonight (Sunday November 19 2023), Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Homestead Rescue!

Where the Wild Wind Blows Season 11 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Homestead Rescue” titled “Where the Wild Wind Blows,” scheduled to air on Discovery, viewers are in for a gripping and challenging homestead rescue mission. The episode centers around a Colorado war veteran’s family and their stable of horses, who find themselves in the throes of devastation caused by hurricane-force winds.

The narrative unfolds with the Raneys, the homestead rescue experts, learning about the family’s struggle for subsistence in the aftermath of the powerful winds. As the Raneys delve deeper into the situation, they discover the family’s larger dream, prompting them to pull out all the stops and embark on some of their most creative builds yet.

“Where the Wild Wind Blows” promises an emotional and transformative journey as the Raneys work tirelessly to help the Colorado war veteran’s family rebuild and reclaim their homestead. The episode captures the essence of the challenges faced by families in remote locations, showcasing the Raneys’ expertise and innovative solutions.

What Time is the “Where the Wild Wind Blows” Episode On?

The Where the Wild Wind Blows episode of Homestead Rescue will be broadcast on November 19 2023 on Discovery at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Where the Wild Wind Blows” Episode New?

The Where the Wild Wind Blows episode of Homestead Rescue is all new!

Homestead Rescue Where the Wild Wind Blows Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Marty Raney
Misty Raney
Matt Raney

Where the Wild Wind Blows Episode Videos & Previews

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Homestead Rescue Series Information

Idyllic in nature, the concept of living a scaled-down, simpler, off-the-grid life has gained popularity in recent years, but the initial results for many budding homesteaders have been disappointing. The learning curve is steep, especially in the most dangerous and isolated locations across the country. Many families are not equipped with the skills, experience or knowledge of how to grow food, find water, harness power or deal with the threat of predators. In "Homestead Rescue," craftsman and survival expert Marty Raney -- joined by daughter Misty, a farmer, and son Matt, a hunter and fisherman -- attempt to teach these families the essential skills on how to survive -- and thrive -- in the wilderness. Because sustaining a homestead through hunting, fishing, gardening, building upkeep, security, and problem solving is a full-time job. At the conclusion of each episode, the rookie survivalists decide to either tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilization.

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