Basketball Wives “The Double Standard” S11E7 November 20 2023 on VH1

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Tonight (Monday November 20 2023), VH1 broadcasts an episode of the series Basketball Wives!

The Double Standard Season 11 Episode 7 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Basketball Wives” on VH1, the drama continues to unfold as the cast navigates through personal and relational challenges. Titled “The Double Standard,” the episode promises an emotional and thought-provoking journey for the women involved.

Jackie takes a unique approach to promote healing within the group by organizing a trip to see a Shaman.

Brittany finds herself grappling with the realization of a double standard, adding a layer of complexity to the dynamics within the group. As the women confront issues of fairness and equity, viewers can anticipate candid conversations that delve into these sensitive topics.

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Jennifer embark on the path of rebuilding their friendship. Their efforts to mend fences promise moments of vulnerability, growth, and the potential for a renewed connection.

Clayanna faces the challenge of repairing strained relationships, particularly with Jac’eil.

Jennifer, not one to shy away from confrontation, addresses Vanessa about ongoing issues. The episode unfolds with a mix of tension and resolution as the cast engages in open and honest dialogue.

What Time is the “The Double Standard” Episode On?

The The Double Standard episode of Basketball Wives will be broadcast on November 20 2023 on VH1 at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Double Standard” Episode New?

The The Double Standard episode of Basketball Wives is all new!

Basketball Wives The Double Standard Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Malaysia Pargo
Evelyn Lozada
Jackie Christie
Shaunie O'Neal
Tami Roman
Jennifer Williams
Brandi Maxiell
Brittish Williams
DJ Duffey
Gloria Govan
Ogom Chijindu
Suzie Ketcham
Feby Torres
Kristen Scott
Draya Michele
Nia Dorsey
Royce Reed
Meeka Claxton
Laura Govan
Noria Dorsey-Taggart
Kenya Bell
Mehgan James
Kesha Nichols
Liza Morales
Tasha Marbury
Sundy Carter
Imani Showalter
Kimsha Artest
Erikka Moxam
Marc Lamont Hill
Tanika Ray

The Double Standard Episode Videos & Previews

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Basketball Wives Series Information

The best friends featured in this series have more than mutual companionship in common: They are either the wife, ex-wife or girlfriend of an NBA superstar. Though they drive expensive cars, live in mansions and wear designer clothes and jewelry, life is not always glamorous. Protecting what they have takes a lot of work ... like fending off groupies, dealing with the jealous kind and trying to find stable ground in their often unstable world. Shaunie O'Neal, Shaquille's ex-wife, is the show's featured star and one of its executive producers.

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