Body Cam: On the Scene “Dangerous Vehicles” S3E13 November 21 2023 on Investigation Discovery

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Tonight (Tuesday November 21 2023), Investigation Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Body Cam: On the Scene!

Dangerous Vehicles Season 3 Episode 13 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Body Cam: On the Scene” on Investigation Discovery, titled “Dangerous Vehicles,” officers find themselves facing high-stakes challenges as they go above and beyond to maintain safety on the road. The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity, featuring a semi-truck racing against traffic on a bustling highway, pushing law enforcement to their limits as they strive to avert disaster. Additionally, viewers will witness an officer clinging to a fleeing car in a daring pursuit, highlighting the lengths law enforcement goes to protect the public.

As the episode unfolds, the audience is drawn into the heart-pounding moments where officers confront dangerous situations involving vehicles. From adrenaline-fueled pursuits to thwarting burglars attempting a swift escape from a robbery, “Dangerous Vehicles” promises a riveting exploration of the real-life challenges faced by those tasked with upholding law and order.

What Time is the “Dangerous Vehicles” Episode On?

The Dangerous Vehicles episode of Body Cam: On the Scene will be broadcast on November 21 2023 on Investigation Discovery at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Dangerous Vehicles” Episode New?

The Dangerous Vehicles episode of Body Cam: On the Scene is all new!

Body Cam: On the Scene Dangerous Vehicles Cast & Stars

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Body Cam: On the Scene Series Information

Raw, intense and action packed body camera footage that showcases the day-to-day activities of law enforcement officers throughout America is combined with firsthand accounts of the dangerous circumstances officers encounter. Each episode features a different story that weaves interviews with responding officers throughout to provide critical context to the life-or-death decisions they must make in the blink of an eye, and to add additional insight to the life-changing, sometimes tragically fatal, moments.

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