Children Ruin Everything “Money” S2E11 November 30 2023 on CW

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Tonight (Thursday November 30 2023), CW broadcasts an episode of the series Children Ruin Everything!

Money Season 2 Episode 11 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Children Ruin Everything” titled “Money,” Astrid takes center stage with a practical concern—saving for retirement. Faced with the financial challenges of parenthood, she proposes a daring plan to her husband James. Their mission? To navigate the last few days of the month without surpassing their carefully planned budget. As the couple embarks on this financial challenge, viewers can expect a mix of humor and relatability in their quest for fiscal responsibility.

The Berney family, known for their creative and sometimes chaotic solutions to parenting problems, finds inventive ways to stay on budget. Whether it’s ingenious money-saving hacks or unexpected twists in their financial journey, “Money” promises to explore the comedic side of balancing family life with fiscal responsibility.

What Time is the “Money” Episode On?

The Money episode of Children Ruin Everything will be broadcast on November 30 2023 on CW at 8:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Money” Episode New?

The Money episode of Children Ruin Everything is all new!

Children Ruin Everything Money Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Meaghan Rath as Astrid
Aaron Abrams as James
Ennis Esmer as Ennis
Nazneen Contractor as Dawn
Logan Nicholson as Felix
Mikayla SwamiNathan as Viv
Darius Rota as Corey
Veena Sood as Nisha
Lisa Codrington as Marla

Money Episode Videos & Previews

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Children Ruin Everything Series Information

Astrid and James struggle to hold onto their identities while raising their two young children in the city.

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