Robin Hood – Panto: 2023 9 December 2023 on CBeebies

Tonight (Saturday 9 December 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Robin Hood – Panto: 2023!

Episode Summary

In this episode of “Robin Hood – Panto: 2023” on CBeebies, a mischievous plot unfolds as the Sheriff of Nottingham hatches a naughty scheme to destroy Sherwood Forest, aiming to construct her extravagant mega mansion. Faced with this threat to their beloved home, Robin Hood and his Merry Band leap into action, ready to thwart the Sheriff’s devious plans and preserve the enchanting Sherwood Forest.

As the story unfolds, viewers can expect a delightful journey filled with whimsy and adventure. The Merry Band encounters a cast of characters, including cheeky thieves and a dancing fox, adding a touch of playful charm to the narrative. Amidst the laughter and merriment, the episode also features a grand archery competition, showcasing Robin Hood’s legendary skills and turning the tale into a thrilling spectacle.

“Robin Hood – Panto:2023” promises to captivate young audiences with its engaging storyline, colorful characters, and the timeless theme of good versus mischief. Through a blend of humor, camaraderie, and a dash of competition, this CBeebies episode ensures a delightful and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages as they join Robin Hood and his Merry Band on their quest to protect Sherwood Forest.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Robin Hood – Panto: 2023 will be broadcast on December 9 2023 on CBeebies at 10:25 AM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Robin Hood – Panto: 2023 is all new!

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