Frontline “The Discord Leaks” S41E23 December 12 2023 on PBS

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Tonight (Tuesday December 12 2023), PBS broadcasts an episode of the series Frontline!

The Discord Leaks Season 41 Episode 23 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Frontline” on PBS, viewers are in for an eye-opening exploration as the show delves into the compelling narrative titled “The Discord Leaks.” The focus of this investigative episode centers around Jack Teixeira’s alleged leak of classified documents onto the Discord chat platform, unraveling the intricacies of how such a breach occurred and the reasons behind the apparent lack of intervention.

The episode aims to dissect the chain of events leading to Teixeira’s actions, shedding light on the challenges faced by security forces in preventing leaks of sensitive information. Additionally, “Frontline” will scrutinize the role of platforms like Discord in facilitating such leaks and the broader implications of their involvement in disseminating classified materials. As the narrative unfolds, viewers can expect a thought-provoking examination of the intersection between technology, security, and the responsibility of online platforms in the age of digital information. “The Discord Leaks” promises to be a compelling and informative episode that delves into the complexities of cybersecurity and the evolving landscape of information dissemination.

What Time is the “The Discord Leaks” Episode On?

The The Discord Leaks episode of Frontline will be broadcast on December 12 2023 on PBS at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Discord Leaks” Episode New?

The The Discord Leaks episode of Frontline is all new!

Frontline The Discord Leaks Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Martin Smith
Will Lyman

The Discord Leaks Episode Videos & Previews

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Frontline Series Information

Frontline" offers an unflinching and compelling look at complex, vital and often-controversial subjects. Each broadcast consists of a long-form news documentary. Topics run the gamut -- from Bernie Madoff's intricate fraud and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, to AIDs, racial issues and Wal-Mart's effect on the U.S. economy.

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