GPs: Behind Closed Doors S8E29 19 December 2023 on 5*

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Tonight (Tuesday 19 December 2023), 5* broadcasts an episode of the series GPs: Behind Closed Doors!

Season 8 Episode 29 Episode Summary

In this episode of “GPs: Behind Closed Doors” on 5*, viewers are granted a revealing look into the everyday challenges faced by individuals seeking medical care. The spotlight shifts to Birmingham, where the medical professionals encounter a man grappling with mysterious allergic reactions. With uncertainty surrounding the triggers, the episode follows the dedicated healthcare team as they strive to identify the source of the allergic responses and provide much-needed answers.

Additionally, the narrative unfolds with a focus on an epilepsy sufferer who is determined to gain better control over his condition. Viewers are invited to witness the compassionate care provided by the medical professionals as they work collaboratively with the patient to manage and improve his epilepsy symptoms. The episode promises an insightful exploration of the complexities surrounding chronic conditions and the impactful role that general practitioners play in their patients’ lives.

Tune in to 5* for this episode of “GPs: Behind Closed Doors” as the medical professionals in Birmingham navigate the intricacies of allergic reactions and epilepsy management. With a commitment to patient well-being, the episode sheds light on the dedication of healthcare providers in addressing the diverse healthcare needs of the community, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of medical care behind closed doors.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of GPs: Behind Closed Doors will be broadcast on December 19 2023 on 5* at 8:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of GPs: Behind Closed Doors is all new!

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GPs: Behind Closed Doors Series Information

This observational documentaries takes viewers into the private world of local GP surgeries. `GPs: Behind Closed Doors' welcomes viewers into the Ridge Medical Practice in Bradford for an exclusive look into the every day lives of the doctors who work there. Due to overstretched hospital A&E departments, GPs are being asked more and more to cover the areas the hospitals can't.

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