Ghosts UK “Redding Weddy” S2E3 December 28 2023 on CBS

Tonight (Thursday December 28 2023), CBS broadcasts an episode of the series Ghosts UK!

Redding Weddy Season 2 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Ghosts UK” titled “Redding Weddy,” set to air on CBS, viewers are in for another round of supernatural hilarity as Alison and Mike navigate the challenges of securing an event booking. However, their efforts hit a snag when they find themselves thwarted by the Captain’s past, which unexpectedly resurfaces to haunt him.

The episode promises a blend of comedic twists and spectral shenanigans as Alison and Mike grapple with the latest obstacle in their quest for a successful event. The supernatural elements, embodied by the Captain’s ghostly history, add an extra layer of humor and intrigue to the ongoing adventures of the lively bunch residing in Button House.

As Alison and Mike face the quirky challenges presented by the resident ghosts, viewers can expect a lighthearted and entertaining episode that continues to explore the comical dynamics between the living and the dearly departed. “Redding Weddy” offers a delightful mix of ghostly hijinks and the everyday struggles of event planning, creating a unique and charming viewing experience.

What Time is the “Redding Weddy” Episode On?

The Redding Weddy episode of Ghosts UK will be broadcast on December 28 2023 on CBS at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Redding Weddy” Episode New?

The Redding Weddy episode of Ghosts UK is all new!

Ghosts UK Redding Weddy Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Charlotte Ritchie
Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Martha Howe-Douglas
Mathew Baynton
Simon Farnaby
Lolly Adefope
Laurence Rickard
Ben Willbond
Katy Wix
Jim Howick
Yani Xander

Redding Weddy Episode Videos & Previews

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Ghosts UK Series Information

A cash-strapped young couple inherit a rickety country mansion, only to find it teeming with needy ghosts.

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