Wardens of the North “What’s That Smell?” S1E10 January 7 2024 on Animal Planet

Tonight (Sunday January 7 2024), Animal Planet broadcasts an episode of the series Wardens of the North!

What’s That Smell? Season 1 Episode 10 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Wardens of the North” on Animal Planet, titled “What’s That Smell?,” viewers are in for an adventurous and frosty installment as Warden Greenway takes on the challenging task of patrolling ice fishermen in the midst of the elements. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the frozen landscape, where the wardens navigate the unique challenges posed by winter activities in the northern regions.

The episode introduces a series of encounters, starting with a snowmobiler who runs into trouble when Warden Greenway discovers a lack of valid registration. As the wardens uphold the regulations governing outdoor activities, tensions rise in the face of unexpected compliance issues.

Adding to the intrigue, the wardens come across a deer hunter on the opening day who lacks the necessary hunting license. The storyline promises a mix of enforcement, education, and the inherent challenges faced by wardens in ensuring adherence to wildlife and outdoor recreation regulations.

What Time is the “What’s That Smell?” Episode On?

The What’s That Smell? episode of Wardens of the North will be broadcast on January 7 2024 on Animal Planet at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “What’s That Smell?” Episode New?

The What’s That Smell? episode of Wardens of the North is all new!

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