Extended Family S1E5 “The Consequences of Matchmaking” Cast, Plot, Time Tonight January 23 2024

On Tuesday January 23 2024, NBC broadcasts an episode of the series Extended Family!

The Consequences of Matchmaking Season 1 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Extended Family” set to air on NBC, the storyline takes a humorous turn with “The Consequences of Matchmaking.” Julia, eager to carve out more personal time with her fianc√© Trey and strengthen their relationship, embarks on a mission to find a new girlfriend for Jim.

As Julia navigates the intricacies of matchmaking, viewers can anticipate a blend of comedic situations and heartfelt moments. The episode promises to explore the consequences of Julia’s well-intentioned efforts, introducing a dynamic that adds both laughter and unexpected twists to the unfolding narrative. Join the characters in this light-hearted exploration of love, friendship, and the amusing repercussions that arise from Julia’s quest to create the perfect romantic balance.

What Time is the “The Consequences of Matchmaking” Episode On?

The The Consequences of Matchmaking episode of Extended Family will be broadcast on January 23 2024 on NBC at 8:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Consequences of Matchmaking” Episode New?

The The Consequences of Matchmaking episode of Extended Family is all new!

Extended Family The Consequences of Matchmaking Cast & Stars

Jon Cryer as Jim Kearney
Donald Faison as Trey Taylor
Sofia Capanna as Grace
Abigail Spencer as Julia Mariano
Erica Ash as Lydia
Finn Sweeney as Jimmy Jr.
Eric Artell as Waiter
Missy Yager as Thea-Lynn

The Consequences of Matchmaking Episode Videos & Previews

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Extended Family Series Information

Jim and his ex-wife, Julia, describe the day they got divorced as the happiest day of their lives, as they are still close friends and committed co-parents to their two children. Then, Julia's job as a public relations expert introduces her to Trey, who not only becomes her fiance but also happens to be the wealthy owner of Jim's favorite basketball team. As their unconventional family continues to evolve, Jim, Julia and Trey learn to navigate life, love, parenting and every awkward situation in between.

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