Court Cam S7E11 January 24 2024 on A&E

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On Wednesday January 24 2024, A&E broadcasts an episode of the series Court Cam!

Season 7 Episode 11 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Court Cam” on A&E, viewers are in for a riveting and intense experience as the show captures jaw-dropping moments within the courtroom. Titled with the gripping scenarios it unveils, this episode features a grieving man who takes matters into his own hands, leaping over the gallery railing to confront his brother’s killer. The emotional intensity is palpable as the legal proceedings take an unexpected turn.

As the drama unfolds, the courtroom becomes a stage for justice, with a defendant facing the consequences of his actions, leading to the revocation of his bond. The episode also delves into a peculiar case where a man attempts to attribute his failed blood alcohol test to spiked cake frosting, offering a mix of intrigue and unexpected twists.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Court Cam will be broadcast on January 24 2024 on A&E at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Court Cam is all new!

Court Cam Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dan Abrams

Episode Videos & Previews

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Court Cam Series Information

An in-depth examination of some of the most stunning and emotional courtroom moments caught on camera. Dan Abrams observes on the surveillance camera to catch a glimpse of a series of events in the courtroom. The show also describes the suspects' criminal charge and sentencing, depending whether the defendant is either innocent or guilty. Each episode includes interviews with judges, witnesses, and victims who give a first-hand account of what really happened during these intense courtroom moments.

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