Teletubbies Let’s Go! “Follow the Leader” S1E44 26 January 2024 on ITV BE

On Friday 26 January 2024, ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series Teletubbies Let’s Go!!

Follow the Leader Season 1 Episode 44 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Teletubbies Let’s Go!” on ITV BE, titled “Follow the Leader,” the beloved Teletubbies embark on an interactive adventure, inviting young viewers into their whimsical world. In this playful installment, the Teletubbies engage in a lively game of Follow the Leader, taking turns assuming the role of the leader in their unique and colorful surroundings.

The episode promises a delightful blend of imagination and camaraderie as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po navigate the game, each bringing their own charm and personality to the forefront. As the Teletubbies take turns leading, the audience is treated to a showcase of fun and laughter, emphasizing the joy of shared playtime and cooperation.

What Time is the “Follow the Leader” Episode On?

The Follow the Leader episode of Teletubbies Let’s Go! will be broadcast on January 26 2024 on ITV BE at 11:20 AM.

Is the “Follow the Leader” Episode New?

The Follow the Leader episode of Teletubbies Let’s Go! is all new!

Teletubbies Let’s Go! Follow the Leader Cast & Stars

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Teletubbies Let’s Go! Series Information

In Teletubbies Let's Go! four curious, and primarily non-verbal, Teletubbies are shown frolicking and playing together in Teletubby Land. A gentle narrator introduces each scene and supporting characters. Songs add to the fun.

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