Lone Star Law “Lakeside Outlaw” S10E6 January 30 2024 on Animal Planet

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On Tuesday January 30 2024, Animal Planet broadcasts an episode of the series Lone Star Law!

Lakeside Outlaw Season 10 Episode 6 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Lone Star Law” on Animal Planet, viewers are in for a riveting experience as game wardens Matt Kiel and Michael Serbanic take on the task of investigating a peculiar lakeside encampment. Titled “Lakeside Outlaw,” the episode unfolds with a mysterious lakeside scenario that requires the wardens’ expertise to unravel.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as a seemingly peaceful day at the beach takes a contentious twist when illegal gillnets are discovered. Matt Maloney steps into action, showcasing the wardens’ commitment to enforcing wildlife laws and preserving the natural habitats that make Texas unique.

Adding to the intrigue, the episode delves into the challenges faced by Matt Maloney as he works diligently to protect a neighborhood from trespassers in the border town of Del Rio. The border region presents a distinctive set of challenges, and viewers can expect a firsthand look at the wardens’ efforts to maintain order and uphold the law.

What Time is the “Lakeside Outlaw” Episode On?

The Lakeside Outlaw episode of Lone Star Law will be broadcast on January 30 2024 on Animal Planet at 4:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Lakeside Outlaw” Episode New?

The Lakeside Outlaw episode of Lone Star Law is all new!

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Lone Star Law Series Information

Animal Planet expands its family of wildlife law enforcement series, adding to Maine's "North Woods Law" an offering that follows an elite patrol force in Texas. "Lone Star Law" features the men and women of the Texas Game Wardens who protect more than a quarter-million square miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, bayous, plains and coast in the second-largest state in the U.S. Whether rushing to investigate poaching cases, save flash-flood victims, disrupt illegal smuggling rings, or rescue injured wildlife, the officers are always on the go, defending both animals and citizens.

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