My True Crime Story “William Cruz” S2 February 6 2024 on VH1

On Tuesday February 6 2024, VH1 broadcasts an episode of the series My True Crime Story!

William Cruz Season 2 Episode Summary

In this episode of “My True Crime Story” on VH1, viewers will be taken on a thrilling and dramatic ride as they delve into the gripping tale of William Cruz.

The episode titled “William Cruz” begins with a high-stakes scenario as Cruz decides to put the pedal to the metal, setting off a high-speed chase that will change his life forever. As the adrenaline-pumping pursuit unfolds, the consequences of Cruz’s actions become increasingly dire.

Ultimately, Cruz’s reckless choices lead him down a path that culminates in a shocking outcome—prison. The episode will unravel the events that led to Cruz’s arrest and subsequent incarceration, shedding light on the decisions and circumstances that brought him to this point.

What Time is the “William Cruz” Episode On?

The William Cruz episode of My True Crime Story will be broadcast on February 6 2024 on VH1 at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “William Cruz” Episode New?

The William Cruz episode of My True Crime Story is all new!

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My True Crime Story Series Information

Featuring first-person stories of ordinary people with good intentions who commit scandalous criminal activities and ultimately find redemption. Told by the people who lived through these life-changing misadventures.

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