Bad Romance — A Special Edition of 20/20 “Tangled Web” S1E4 February 12 2024 on ABC

On Monday February 12 2024, ABC broadcasts an episode of the series Bad Romance — A Special Edition of 20/20!

Tangled Web Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In an episode that delves deep into the complexities of love and its chilling consequences, ABC’s “20/20” presents “Tangled Web,” a gripping story of obsession and betrayal that shattered lives and captivated the nation.

This installment of the “Bad Romance” series unravels a perplexing case that unfolded in Omaha, Nebraska, where the lives of Dave Kroupa, Liz Golyar, and Cari Farver collided in a tale of deceit and ultimate tragedy. Set to premiere on February 12, 2024, viewers can expect a riveting exploration of a love triangle that descended into stalking, arson, and ultimately, murder.

After Dave Kroupa parted ways with his long-term partner, Amy Flora, he sought a fresh start in Omaha, Nebraska, venturing into the world of online dating. His connection with Shanna “Liz” Golyar seemed promising, bonded by shared interests and a mutual understanding of non-monogamous relationships. However, what began innocently soon morphed into a tangled web of deceit.

The situation took a dark turn with the arrival of Cari Farver, whose chance meeting with Kroupa sparked an immediate attraction. Yet, what started as a casual relationship quickly spiraled into chaos when Farver and Golyar crossed paths. Farver’s subsequent disappearance and the relentless stalking that followed left the community reeling, with suspicions mounting and lives hanging in the balance.

Years of investigation peeled back layers of deception, revealing a shocking truth: Liz Golyar was the mastermind behind the stalking and threats, posing as the missing Farver to manipulate those around her. As the truth came to light, Golyar faced justice for her crimes, but the scars left by her manipulation and betrayal run deep, serving as a sobering reminder of love’s potential to lead to darkness.

As viewers tune in to “Tangled Web,” they’ll be drawn into a harrowing saga of obsession, manipulation, and the devastating consequences of a love gone terribly wrong. Don’t miss the heart-stopping conclusion to this chilling tale on February 12, 2024, only on ABC’s “20/20.”


What Time is the “Tangled Web” Episode On?

The Tangled Web episode of Bad Romance — A Special Edition of 20/20 will be broadcast on February 12 2024 on ABC at 10:01 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Tangled Web” Episode New?

The Tangled Web episode of Bad Romance — A Special Edition of 20/20 is all new!

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