Death by Fame “Murder by Association” S2E1 February 12 2024 on Investigation Discovery

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On Monday February 12 2024, Investigation Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Death by Fame!

Murder by Association Season 2 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Death by Fame,” airing on Investigation Discovery, viewers are thrust into a riveting investigation surrounding the mysterious deaths that seem to revolve around the legendary musician, James Brown. Titled “Murder by Association,” this installment delves deep into a web of suspicion and conspiracy.

The episode begins with the death of James Brown on Christmas in 2006, leaving some to question whether it was more than just natural causes. As the story unfolds, the focus turns to the shooting death of Brown’s son-in-law, Darren Lumar, in November 2008. Detectives are left grappling with a complex puzzle, where the possibilities for motives seem endless.

As the authorities dig deeper into Lumar’s past and the circumstances surrounding these high-profile deaths, viewers will be taken on a suspenseful journey through the murky world of fame, intrigue, and potential foul play. “Murder by Association” promises to be a gripping exploration of the darker side of celebrity on Investigation Discovery’s “Death by Fame.”

What Time is the “Murder by Association” Episode On?

The Murder by Association episode of Death by Fame will be broadcast on February 12 2024 on Investigation Discovery at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Murder by Association” Episode New?

The Murder by Association episode of Death by Fame is all new!

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