Road Wars “Guard Rail Fail” S3E11 February 13 2024 on A&E

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On Tuesday February 13 2024, A&E broadcasts an episode of the series Road Wars!

Guard Rail Fail Season 3 Episode 11 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Road Wars” titled “Guard Rail Fail,” viewers are in for a high-octane dose of adrenaline-pumping action and unexpected twists. This gripping reality show takes you on a ride through the chaotic world of law enforcement as they deal with a series of intense incidents.

The episode kicks off in Wooster, Ohio, where a seemingly ordinary road rage incident takes a dangerous turn. What starts as a heated exchange on the road escalates when one of the drivers decides to follow the other all the way back to his home. Expect tense moments and intense confrontations as the authorities step in to restore order.

But the action doesn’t stop there. In Georgia, a driver’s encounter with a stopped tow truck takes a shocking turn when they hit the tow truck’s ramp and go airborne, soaring over an astonishing 120 feet. The jaw-dropping footage captures the heart-pounding moments as first responders rush to the scene.

Lastly, in a Texas parking lot, a simple fender bender spirals out of control, creating a chaotic situation that challenges the skills and expertise of law enforcement officers.

What Time is the “Guard Rail Fail” Episode On?

The Guard Rail Fail episode of Road Wars will be broadcast on February 13 2024 on A&E at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Guard Rail Fail” Episode New?

The Guard Rail Fail episode of Road Wars is all new!

Road Wars Guard Rail Fail Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Claire Goose

Guard Rail Fail Episode Videos & Previews

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Road Wars Series Information

Roadways can be a wild place. With violent road rage incidents increasing 500% over the last decade, “road raging” is a human behavior that has become widely known. “Road Wars” takes a deep dive into American roadways, examining extreme human behavior, wild weather, insane accidents and a few welcome instances of acts of kindness.

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