Storyville “Surveillance State” 20 February 2024 on BBC Four

On Tuesday 20 February 2024, BBC Four broadcasts an episode of the series Storyville!

Surveillance State Episode Summary

In this episode of “Storyville” on BBC Four, viewers are in for a thought-provoking documentary experience as the show delves into the intricate workings of state surveillance and digital social control in China. Titled “Surveillance State,” the episode offers an intimate exploration of these complex issues through the lens of two families and a journalist.

Audiences will follow the compelling journey of Zijuan Chen as she fights for the release of her imprisoned husband, human rights lawyer Weiping Chang. Against the backdrop of pervasive surveillance and social control, Zijuan strives to keep her husband’s memory alive for their son while navigating the challenges of advocating for justice in a restrictive environment.

Through powerful storytelling and poignant narratives, “Surveillance State” sheds light on the profound impact of state surveillance on individuals and families in contemporary China. Don’t miss this insightful and timely episode of “Storyville” as it offers a deep dive into the complexities of modern surveillance practices and their implications for society.

What Time is the “Surveillance State” Episode On?

The Surveillance State episode of Storyville will be broadcast on February 20 2024 on BBC Four at 10:00 PM.

Is the “Surveillance State” Episode New?

The Surveillance State episode of Storyville is all new!

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An international documentary strand that comprises 20 contemporary and challenging documentaries from different filmmakers gathered from across the globe.

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