Octonauts: Above & Beyond “Madagascar Tsingy” S4E3 21 February 2024 on CBeebies

On Wednesday 21 February 2024, CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Octonauts: Above & Beyond!

Madagascar Tsingy Season 4 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Octonauts: Above & Beyond” titled “Madagascar Tsingy,” airing on CBeebies, viewers are in for an adventurous and heartwarming journey. When Selva, one of the Octonauts, encounters an injured creature, Peso takes on the responsibility of providing essential medical aid.

As Peso embarks on his mission to help the injured creature, viewers will be transported to the unique and breathtaking landscape of Madagascar’s Tsingy, where the Octonauts encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way. With determination and compassion, Peso navigates through the rugged terrain to reach the creature in need, showcasing the Octonauts’ commitment to helping marine life in any environment.

What Time is the “Madagascar Tsingy” Episode On?

The Madagascar Tsingy episode of Octonauts: Above & Beyond will be broadcast on February 21 2024 on CBeebies at 8:00 AM.

Is the “Madagascar Tsingy” Episode New?

The Madagascar Tsingy episode of Octonauts: Above & Beyond is all new!

Octonauts: Above & Beyond Madagascar Tsingy Cast & Stars

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Octonauts: Above & Beyond Series Information

The Octonauts expand their exploration beyond the sea - and onto land. With new rides and new friends, they are prepared to protect any habitats and animals at risk on land or under the water.

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