Road Wars “Runaway Rampage” S3E13 February 27 2024 on A&E

On Tuesday February 27 2024, A&E broadcasts an episode of the series Road Wars!

Runaway Rampage Season 3 Episode 13 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Road Wars” titled “Runaway Rampage,” airing on A&E, viewers are in for an adrenaline-fueled ride as the show delves into intense road rage encounters across different parts of the country.

The episode kicks off with a heated road rage incident in Arizona, where a car recklessly sideswipes another driver’s vehicle at a red light, igniting a dangerous confrontation between the two motorists.

As tensions escalate, the chaos continues on the streets of the Boston suburbs, where two drivers engage in a heated yelling match while attempting to navigate through narrow streets. The high-stress situation showcases the unpredictable nature of road rage and its potential consequences.

What Time is the “Runaway Rampage” Episode On?

The Runaway Rampage episode of Road Wars will be broadcast on February 27 2024 on A&E at 9:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Runaway Rampage” Episode New?

The Runaway Rampage episode of Road Wars is all new!

Road Wars Runaway Rampage Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Claire Goose

Runaway Rampage Episode Videos & Previews

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Road Wars Series Information

Roadways can be a wild place. With violent road rage incidents increasing 500% over the last decade, “road raging” is a human behavior that has become widely known. “Road Wars” takes a deep dive into American roadways, examining extreme human behavior, wild weather, insane accidents and a few welcome instances of acts of kindness.

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