The Steve Wilkos Show “Situationships Get Messy” S17E84 February 28 2024 on PIX

On Wednesday February 28 2024, PIX broadcasts an episode of the series The Steve Wilkos Show!

Situationships Get Messy Season 17 Episode 84 Episode Summary

In this episode of “The Steve Wilkos Show,” titled “Situationships Get Messy,” airing on PIX, viewers are invited to witness the unfolding of complicated relationship dynamics.

The episode delves into the story of Brianna, who discovers unsettling messages from Max, her partner, to other women soliciting sexual encounters. This discovery sparks doubts in Brianna’s mind about Max’s fidelity and commitment, leading to a crisis of trust in their relationship. Furthermore, Max’s actions prompt Brianna to question the paternity of her child, adding another layer of complexity to their situation.

Additionally, the episode features Tatyana and Gary, who initially had a casual arrangement as best friends with benefits. However, Tatyana begins to suspect that Gary may be taking advantage of their arrangement by pursuing other romantic interests on the side. This suspicion strains their friendship and raises questions about the nature of their relationship.

What Time is the “Situationships Get Messy” Episode On?

The Situationships Get Messy episode of The Steve Wilkos Show will be broadcast on February 28 2024 on PIX at 12:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Situationships Get Messy” Episode New?

The Situationships Get Messy episode of The Steve Wilkos Show is all new!

The Steve Wilkos Show Situationships Get Messy Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Steve Wilkos

Situationships Get Messy Episode Videos & Previews

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The Steve Wilkos Show Series Information

The former Chicago cop and security guard of "The Jerry Springer Show" gets his own talk show that is adapted from the popular "Steve to the Rescue" shows he did while filling in for Springer. Wilkos says he hopes his show will provide him with a platform to stand up for everyday people and help viewers in need. Common topics include trying to confirm -- often using results of lie-detector tests -- whether guests abused or molested children. Steve also helps guests determine paternity and if guests are cheating on their partners. If Steve doesn't like the guests they might not last long on the show.

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