ABC 20/20 “Killer on Campus” March 1 2024 Recap & Preview

ABC’s 20/20 presents “Killer on Campus,” airing on March 1, 2024, revisits the tragic murder of 18-year-old UF freshman Christian Aguilar, whose disappearance made headlines in 2012. The docuseries delves into the chilling details of the crime that shook the community.

In 2014, 20-year-old Bravo was convicted of first-degree murder in connection with Aguilar’s death. Despite Bravo’s denial of the crime, his detailed journal entries revealed an unhealthy obsession with his ex-girlfriend Erika Friman, who had begun dating Aguilar after their breakup.

The series uncovers Bravo’s disturbing descent into obsession, chronicled in his journals, which highlighted his relentless pursuit of Friman and his deteriorating mental state. As the trial unfolded, evidence emerged of Bravo’s calculated actions, including poisoning and strangling Aguilar before disposing of his body.

What Happened to Christian Aguilar & Killer Pedro Bravo?

In Gainesville, Florida, the disappearance of University of Florida freshman Christian Aguilar sparked a harrowing investigation. Last seen with his friend Pedro Bravo, suspicions arose when Bravo’s story about picking up a hitchhiker seemed dubious. As the last person to see Christian, Bravo’s inconsistent statements and behavior raised red flags for detectives. Despite initial searches turning up no trace of Christian, suspicions intensified as evidence mounted against Bravo.

The relationship dynamics between Christian, Bravo, and Erika Friman, Christian’s girlfriend, added complexity to the case. Bravo’s previous relationship with Friman and his jealousy over her new romance with Christian hinted at a motive for foul play. Detectives uncovered Bravo’s disturbing journals outlining his obsession with winning back Friman and his sinister plan to eliminate Christian. This revelation painted a chilling picture of Bravo’s mindset leading up to the murder.

As the investigation deepened, incriminating evidence emerged, linking Bravo directly to Christian’s disappearance and death. Duct tape found in Bravo’s car matched that found at the crime scene, and a drink laced with sedatives indicated premeditation. Furthermore, Bravo’s attempt to manipulate investigators and fabricate stories only served to strengthen the case against him. The mounting evidence left little doubt about Bravo’s guilt in Christian’s murder.

The trial proceedings provided further insight into Bravo’s twisted psyche and his calculated actions. Testimony from Friman revealed Bravo’s manipulative behavior and his inability to accept the end of their relationship. Bravo’s journals, filled with detailed plans to eliminate Christian, showcased the extent of his obsession and his willingness to resort to violence. The trial ultimately concluded with Bravo being convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Despite the verdict, the pain and loss inflicted on Christian’s loved ones lingered. Friman expressed shock and disbelief at Bravo’s capacity for such heinous acts, highlighting the devastating impact on all involved. The case served as a grim reminder of the dangers of unchecked jealousy and obsession, leaving behind a community grappling with the senseless loss of a promising young life.

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