Peppa Pig “What Babies Do” S8E13 March 13 2024 on Nickelodeon

On Wednesday March 13 2024, Nickelodeon broadcasts an episode of the series Peppa Pig!

What Babies Do Season 8 Episode 13 Episode Summary

In this episode, young viewers are in for a delightful treat as the beloved animated series “Peppa Pig” presents an entertaining adventure titled “What Babies Do,” scheduled to air on Nickelodeon. Join Peppa and her family on a visit to Cousin Chloe’s house, where the main attraction is none other than the adorable Baby Alexander.

As the storyline unfolds, Peppa, ever the curious and confident piglet, believes she has a thorough understanding of what babies do. Her confidence stems from looking after her doll and her younger brother George, who, in Peppa’s eyes, still qualifies as a baby. However, George might have a differing opinion on the matter.

The episode promises heartwarming moments and the trademark charm that “Peppa Pig” brings to its young audience. From playtime with Baby Alexander to Peppa’s humorous attempts at showcasing her baby-care expertise, “What Babies Do” offers a delightful blend of entertainment and gentle life lessons for the little ones.

What Time is the “What Babies Do” Episode On?

The What Babies Do episode of Peppa Pig will be broadcast on March 13 2024 on Nickelodeon at 8:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “What Babies Do” Episode New?

The What Babies Do episode of Peppa Pig is all new!

Peppa Pig What Babies Do Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Morwenna Banks as Mummy Pig
Harley Bird as Peppa Pig
Richard Ridings as Daddy Pig
Oliver May as George Pig
John Sparkes as Narrator
Lily Snowden-Fine as Peppa Pig
David Graham as Grandpa Pig
Sarah Ann Kennedy as Miss Rabbit
Frances White as Granny Pig
Meg Hall as Suzy Sheep

What Babies Do Episode Videos & Previews

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Peppa Pig Series Information

Long-running children's series following the adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town. Each family is a different species of animal, and Peppa's friends include Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat. Each episode features a new adventure, and storylines often help children to understand new emotions and experiences they themselves might encounter growing up.

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