MasterChef “Globetrotters” S22E3 March 18 2024 on FOX

On Monday March 18 2024, FOX broadcasts an episode of the series MasterChef!

Globetrotters Season 22 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this episode of “MasterChef” on FOX, titled “Globetrotters,” the culinary competition takes an exciting turn as the chefs face their first team challenge. Scheduled to air on FOX, the episode introduces a unique task where contestants are entrusted with preparing hearty meals for the iconic Harlem Globetrotters. Each competing team is tasked with whipping up a meal that not only satisfies the players’ substantial appetites but also meets their specific dietary restrictions. With a neutral and informative tone, the show promises a blend of culinary skill, teamwork, and the challenge of catering to the dietary preferences of the Globetrotters.

Tune in for an episode filled with culinary creativity and teamwork as “Globetrotters” presents the chefs with a distinct challenge. The competing teams will be put to the test as they strive to create delicious and satisfying meals for the Harlem Globetrotters, showcasing their ability to adapt to unique dietary requirements. Viewers can expect a combination of high-stakes cooking, strategic planning, and the energy that comes with preparing meals for a group known for their athleticism and big personalities.

What Time is the “Globetrotters” Episode On?

The Globetrotters episode of MasterChef will be broadcast on March 18 2024 on FOX at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Globetrotters” Episode New?

The Globetrotters episode of MasterChef is all new!

MasterChef Globetrotters Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Gordon Ramsay
Joe Bastianich
Aarón Sánchez

Globetrotters Episode Videos & Previews

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MasterChef Series Information

Amateur chefs compete in a series of cooking challenges overseen by a panel of accomplished chefs. Each week they have to survive elimination and become a culinary master, earning the title of MasterChef.

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