Brave Bunnies “Little Helpers” S2E2 19 March 2024 on Channel 5

On Tuesday 19 March 2024, Channel 5 broadcasts an episode of the series Brave Bunnies!

Little Helpers Season 2 Episode 2 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Brave Bunnies” on Channel 5, young viewers are in for a delightful treat with “Little Helpers.” The storyline unfolds as Bop and Boo embark on a visit to a local bakery in search of delicious treats. Much to their surprise, they discover that the bakery is owned by none other than their Best Bunny Friend (BBF), Barry! The excitement peaks as the Bunny family rallies together to lend a helping paw and support their friends in the sweet world of baked goods.

The episode promises a heartwarming adventure filled with teamwork and friendship, as the Bunny family chips in to assist Barry and his family in running the bakery. Young audiences can look forward to endearing moments of cooperation and the joy that comes from working together. “Little Helpers” offers a wholesome and entertaining storyline that not only captivates the imaginations of young viewers but also imparts valuable lessons about friendship and collaboration.

What Time is the “Little Helpers” Episode On?

The Little Helpers episode of Brave Bunnies will be broadcast on March 19 2024 on Channel 5 at 6:00 AM.

Is the “Little Helpers” Episode New?

The Little Helpers episode of Brave Bunnies is all new!

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Brave Bunnies Series Information

Following a family of courageous and curious bunnies as they seek adventure and exploration, travelling on the Bunny Bus. At each stop, Bop and Boo discover different animals and create new games to help build new friendships.

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