Alert: Missing Persons Unit “Ms. Patty” S2E5 April 2 2024 on FOX

On Tuesday April 2 2024, FOX broadcasts an episode of the series Alert: Missing Persons Unit!

Ms. Patty Season 2 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” titled “Ms. Patty,” the MPU embarks on a relentless search for a kidnapped neighborhood watch captain known for her resilience and toughness. As the team races against time to locate her, tensions rise and stakes escalate, highlighting the high-pressure nature of their work.

Meanwhile, Jason seeks assistance from Wayne in investigating a car bombing, delving into the complexities of the case to uncover the truth behind the explosive incident. As they navigate through twists and turns, the investigation unveils startling revelations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Additionally, Mike grows increasingly concerned about Nikki’s mysterious behavior, leading to questions about trust and loyalty within the team. With multiple storylines intertwining, “Ms. Patty” promises to deliver gripping drama, suspense, and a captivating portrayal of the MPU’s tireless efforts to bring closure to families and justice to the community. Tune in to FOX for this riveting episode of “Alert: Missing Persons Unit.”

What Time is the “Ms. Patty” Episode On?

The Ms. Patty episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit will be broadcast on April 2 2024 on FOX at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Ms. Patty” Episode New?

The Ms. Patty episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit is all new!

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Ms. Patty Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Scott Caan as Jason Grant
Dania Ramirez as Nikki Batista
Ryan Broussard as Mike Sherman
Graham Verchere as Keith
Adeola Role as Kemi Adebayo

Ms. Patty Episode Videos & Previews

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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Series Information

A character-driven police procedural drama set in the Philadelphia Police Department's Missing Persons Unit (MPU). When police officer Nikki Batista's son goes missing, she joins the special unit to help other people find their loved ones, even as she searches for her own. "Alert: Missing Persons Unit" is a procedural drama with a heart-pounding, life-or-death search for a missing person in each episode, running alongside Nikki and her ex-husband's quest to find out the truth about their long-lost son. It's a case-of-the-week show with a case-of-a-lifetime story running through it -- a story that alternately brings the two main characters gut-wrenching heartache and heart-pounding joy.

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