Weird Britain “Scotland” S1E1 3 April 2024 on Blaze

On Wednesday 3 April 2024, Blaze broadcasts an episode of the series Weird Britain!

Scotland Season 1 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Weird Britain” on Blaze, viewers are in for a mysterious journey as the show delves into the enigmatic landscape of Scotland. With its rich history and folklore, Scotland is a land filled with tales of the supernatural and the unexplained.

From ancient castles shrouded in legend to eerie moors rumored to be haunted, the team explores the peculiar and the peculiarities of Scotland. With each discovery, they uncover stories that defy logic and challenge conventional explanations.

Join the expedition on Blaze as “Weird Britain” ventures into the depths of Scotland, uncovering strange phenomena and uncovering the secrets of this fascinating country. Don’t miss out on the adventure as the mysteries of Scotland come to life in this captivating episode.

What Time is the “Scotland” Episode On?

The Scotland episode of Weird Britain will be broadcast on April 3 2024 on Blaze at 9:00 PM.

Is the “Scotland” Episode New?

The Scotland episode of Weird Britain is all new!

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Weird Britain Series Information

Series exploring the weird history, weird legends and weird locations of the UK.

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