ABC 20/20 “‘Til Death Do Us Part” April 19 2024 Recap & Preview

ABC’s “20/20” delves into the harrowing tale of the crumbling marriage and brutal killing of a small-town minister, Matthew Winkler, in Selmer, Tennessee. Once revered as the epitome of a perfect family, Matthew’s life takes a dark turn when his body is discovered in his home, sending shockwaves through the community. The investigation uncovers disturbing allegations of financial scams, emotional abuse, and revelations about the Winkler’s intimate life.

In this gripping two-hour special, viewers will gain exclusive insights from key figures involved in the case. Juror Shannon Whitely provides a unique perspective on the trial proceedings, while retired TBI Special Agent John Mehr offers invaluable insights into the investigation that ultimately led to the killer’s apprehension. Additionally, Mary’s former probation officer, Donna Dunlap, sheds light on the complexities of Mary Winkler’s character.

The program features interviews with notable figures such as retired TBI director Mark Gwyn, former secretary of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Stan Stabler, and assistant McNairy County district attorney Walt Freeland. Authors Diane Fanning and former reporters Jamey Tucker, Janice Broach, and Russell Ingle also contribute their expertise to unraveling this gripping mystery.

Don’t miss this riveting episode of “20/20,” airing on Friday, April 19, from 9:01 to 11:00 p.m. EDT on ABC, with next-day streaming available on Hulu. Tune in to uncover the shocking truths behind this tragic tale that captivated the nation.

What Happened to Matthew Winkler?

In 2006, Matthew Brian Winkler, a minister residing in Tennessee, met a tragic end, becoming the victim of a high-profile murder case. His wife, Mary, confessed to the crime after disappearing with their three daughters, leading to a nationwide Amber Alert. Mary’s subsequent arrest and confession shed light on the couple’s troubled relationship, which included allegations of abuse. Matthew’s role as a respected minister in the community added to the shock and scrutiny surrounding the case.

During Mary’s trial, she detailed the alleged abuse she suffered at Matthew’s hands, presenting a complex narrative that influenced the jury’s decision. Despite the severity of the crime, the prosecution’s push for a first-degree murder conviction was countered by Mary’s assertion that the shooting was accidental. The trial’s outcome, a conviction of voluntary manslaughter rather than the more severe charge, reflected the jury’s consideration of Mary’s claims and mental state.

The case drew attention not only for its legal implications but also for its exploration of domestic abuse dynamics and mental health. Mary’s testimony, coupled with expert opinions on her psychological condition, highlighted the complexities of interpersonal relationships and their impact on individuals’ behavior. Additionally, the trial underscored the importance of addressing domestic violence issues within communities and legal systems.

Matthew’s family, deeply affected by his untimely death, pursued legal action against Mary, seeking justice for their loss. The aftermath of the trial brought to light unresolved custody issues concerning the couple’s children, adding another layer of complexity to the already tragic situation. Despite the verdict, the Winkler family’s ordeal sparked broader conversations about domestic violence awareness and support systems for victims.

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