Great Coastal Railway Journeys “Faversham to Chatham” S3E15 26 April 2024 on BBC Two

On Friday 26 April 2024, BBC Two broadcasts an episode of the series Great Coastal Railway Journeys!

Faversham to Chatham Season 3 Episode 15 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Great Coastal Railway Journeys” airing on BBC Two, viewers join Michael Portillo on the final leg of his railway adventure as he zig-zags along the coasts of the English Channel and the Thames estuary, nearing the end on the north Kent coast. Titled “Faversham to Chatham,” this installment promises to be a captivating journey filled with stunning scenery, fascinating history, and memorable encounters.

As Michael travels through the picturesque landscapes of north Kent, he delves into the region’s rich heritage and explores the unique charm of each stop along the way. From the historic town of Faversham to the bustling port of Chatham, viewers will be treated to a delightful mix of coastal scenery, cultural landmarks, and intriguing stories that showcase the diversity and beauty of the English coastline.

Don’t miss out on “Faversham to Chatham” on BBC Two’s “Great Coastal Railway Journeys,” where Michael Portillo’s passion for travel and discovery shines through in this enchanting episode. Join him as he embarks on a memorable railway adventure that celebrates the history, culture, and natural beauty of the north Kent coast.

What Time is the “Faversham to Chatham” Episode On?

The Faversham to Chatham episode of Great Coastal Railway Journeys will be broadcast on April 26 2024 on BBC Two at 6:30 PM.

Is the “Faversham to Chatham” Episode New?

The Faversham to Chatham episode of Great Coastal Railway Journeys is all new!

Great Coastal Railway Journeys Faversham to Chatham Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Michael Portillo

Faversham to Chatham Episode Videos & Previews

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Great Coastal Railway Journeys Series Information

Michael Portillo visits the self-governing Isle of Man, a paradise for rail lovers. He visits the Isle's ancient parliament, the Tynwald, which is older than Westminster, is taken down the east coast on the Isle of Man Steam Railway to the Norse castle of Rushen, test-drives the smallest production car ever made in Peel, joins a working fishing boat at Port St Mary, and meets two passionate advocates of the Manx language.

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